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(A friend alerted me that a woman in her gaming

It’s always been a cliche, and now it’s a bittersweet trope: «The show must go on!» was laid to rest Friday; Syracuse Stage’s opening night of «Amadeus» was also its closing night. Not due to lack of talent, vibrancy, or brilliance onstage, no, just another casualty of the coronavirus and Gov. Cuomo’s ban on gatherings of more than 500 people.

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Residents can watch the salute from their homes while maintaining social distance. The route will be similar to the Christmas route the fire department conducts in December. On Monday, May 25. We’ll wrap up with the feature that was exploding Twitter at last check. The same effect used to create the twinkling stars on on the shoulders has been fashioned into a fake lace up collar. I guess the point is that the lace up collars on hockey sweaters are strictly for appearances.

Learning how to coupon is one way to save money. That is, if you are looking to save. We know it takes a lot of money to live to eat, to drink, to travel, to play. Sometimes we wish we could save more money, that things would be less expensive. UPDATE: Columbia County will not be giving out meals during Spring Break. However, they are linking up with local churches to help. Beginning Monday, March 23 Friday, April 3, 2020.

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