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A new age requires new ways of delivering employee

Scott Street is growing towers like weeds, and there is lots more in the pipe. Westgate is undergoing tectonic change, so will Lincoln Fields, so will the City Centre area. Dow Lake suddenly has mountain peaks. A new age requires new ways of delivering employee training and development. The technological advances that have re shaped the corporate landscape have also transformed the learning environment of its workforces. Laptops, digital pads, and other mobile devices empower people to train and educate themselves from anywhere and at any time.

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It also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the overall team. This article will show you whyOKRs are the best way forward for small businesses. Within each result, you can measure progress between 0 to 100%. Tackle Joe Thomas landed on injured reserve after tearing his triceps in Week 7. The injury ended Thomas’ NFL record for consecutive snaps played by an offensive lineman. The team signed Kevin Zeitler and JC Tretter in the offseason and it took time for them to find their footing.

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