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Ari is in marriage counselling because he can’t tear

All amid a fast growing, quickly consolidating retail pharmacy industry that is going global.It began in 1962 with a single store in Scranton called the Thrift D Discount Center. The architect of the business was Alex Grass, a Scranton born lawyer who entered the business world in the early 1950s after marrying into Harrisburg Lehrman family.By 1972, after rapid expansion and a public stock offering, Grass «little drugstore» had become 267 Rite Aid locations in 10 states, according to AlexGrass 2009 obituary on PennLive. By the time Grass retired in 1995, there were 3,000 Rite Aid stores stretching from the East Coast to the Mississippi River.Alex Grass was modest both about what he had built and how he had built it, favoring smaller, lower cost strip mall stores.

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