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During her testimony, Reade also said she had earned

This means that my cost of power for Bitcoin mining is free. Even if I had to pay normal rates for electricity for this mining, I still be making almost $4,500 a year. This is a great return on Cheap Jerseys from china a roughly $1,500 investment.. Prosecutors with the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office had called her as an expert witness to discuss the dynamics of domestic violence, according to the hearing transcript.Testifying under her then married name, Tara McCabe, Reade said that political science was the focus of her liberal arts degree, the transcript shows.Hamilton, the school’s spokesperson, told CNN that Alexandra McCabe attended the school but never graduated. The network reported that Reade said she obtained the degree while attending school through a «protected program» to ensure that her identity remained hidden.During her testimony, Reade also said she had earned a law degree from Seattle University School of Law and a certification through the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers.»I train military and police on prevention of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault,» she said, according to the transcript.The federal law enforcement training center did not respond to a request to confirm this. A law school spokesman referred to a 2009 university magazine profile that says she graduated in 2004.The article says she was accepted through the school’s «Alternative Admission Program.» A law school official said the program is designed to get «diverse and non traditional students» into the legal field.Reade’s role in the trials she testified at were not minor, according to some of those involved.Roland Soltesz, a lawyer for the woman charged in the attempted murder case, described Reade as «beloved» by local prosecutors.

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