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The proposed Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act, or red flag gun law, will face a critical test Wednesday, when it goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee, potentially its last stop before reaching the full SenateSupporters and opponents alike are expecting close votes in Wednesday committee meeting and, if it survives there, on the Senate floor. The proposal is Senate Bill 5 Legislation to allow recreational marijuana sales to adults 21 and older is moving slowly and remains far from final passage. The proposal, Senate Bill 115, cleared one committee on a party line vote but still must pass two more before it can reach the full SenateThe bill is still alive but running out of time A $7.6 billion spending plan for the coming year with money to raise teacher pay by 5% and boost spending on early childhood programs is scheduled for consideration by the state House on Wednesday before moving on to the SenateState spending would climb about 7.5% over this year levels under the budget package, House Bill 2.

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