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We now know the virus we are dealing with

Pennsylvanians did such a good job under the governor shutdown that we did not overload the health systems. We now know the virus we are dealing with. The issue I have with the governor shutdown orders is that so many of them made little common sense if indeed his goal was social separation.

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Then you may be able to breathe a little easier. If you wish to sell your marathon items, consider donating the funds from the sale to the families of the victims. This would be a thoughtful gesture and would be very appropriate during this difficult time..

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(No, this ain the flu, bro.)Basic Fact 6) The Wuhan coronavirus mutates rapidly and can mutate to express affinity for different receptors in the human body. This means it can morph into a whole new form that nullifies all existing immunity or whatever vaccines might be working at the time. Literally overnight, this virus can render all vaccines obsolete, and it can reset every human being on planet Earth back to the status based on its receptor site mutations.

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