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, which spent five days under an excessive heat

Their residents, who tend to be older, are already overrepresented among indoor heat related deaths.David Hondula, a climatologist who studies the impact of heat on health at Arizona State University, said that another factor researchers are paying attention to is substance abuse.People who struggle with sobriety are at greater risk of dying from exposure to extreme heat, he said. A world upended by the coronavirus in which 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, anxiety is the norm, and addiction support groups including Alcoholics Anonymous have had to switch to online meetings could make more people susceptible.»The stress and worry of coronavirus could lead to increased use of those substances which impair one’s ability to cope with the heat,» Hondula said.The combination of the virus and the approaching summer season is forcing health officials and emergency managers to rethink long established protocols for responding to extreme heat. For the last month, public officials across Arizona have joined a weekly hourlong conference call to discuss strategies for providing shelter and distributing water without inadvertently spreading the coronavirus among the people they’re trying to serve.When the first heat wave of the year arrived in the Southwest last week, enveloping the region in record heat for April, officials in Arizona and Nevada scrambled to open cooling centers for people who don’t have air conditioning at home.In Maricopa County, Ariz., which spent five days under an excessive heat warning, the coronavirus complicated efforts.

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