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Holding Investimentos is an Investment Consultancy and one of the main companies of the Holding Group. With more than 33 years of experience, he helps companies that want to expand and establish themselves in different markets. It maintains excellent relationships in different government or private sectors, with the purpose of attracting international investment funds for companies and institutions, specialized in business implementation and development.


Holding Investimentos provides consulting and advice in most of the sports, cultural, events with large numbers of people, construction and real estate, agribusiness, renewable energy, infrastructure, industries, tourism, hospital, education, transport and logistics sectors, administration private and public, institutional with a social interest, military defense systems, etc.


We offer a global experience with local and personal knowledge. Our clients trust the Holding Group as their competent, loyal and reliable advisor.


HOLDING INVESTIMENTOS was created, in its first moment, to invest and make profitable the capital of our clients and companies of the Holding Group:

HOLDING SPORTS – Company dedicated to the world of football – Clubs, players, coaches, directors, agents, federative bodies, etc.

HOLDING STARS – Company dedicated to the artistic world, singers and great productions.

HOLDING INMOBILIARIA – Luxury real estate construction and investment company.



HOLDING INVENTIMENTOS is a specialist in attracting and intermediating large businesses, through our relationships and contacts in different sectors of the economy with groups of businessmen, associations and government sectors that request us to attract new international “Partners” to invest in the Brazilian market , which is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and promising markets in the current global economic context, offering foreign investors logistics and in-situ knowledge of the country.


We offer all our clients and clients an efficient and fast information and advice service, we have a deep knowledge in-situ of the country and we have a consolidated network of specialists in each sector (Government, Legal, Tax, Tariff, Labor, etc.) .


We attend to all the particularities of our clients, always based on professionalism and mutual trust.


Legal and Financial Advice



We work with the best and most renowned lawyers and economists in the market to defend your interests in whatever is necessary.

Our services include all types of legal and financial advice related to companies, of any size and in all activity, since its creation or acquisition, during its life and development, as well as in the sale or termination processes.

Transparency and responsibility: two words that define the Holding Group’s philosophy, mainly in the areas of legal management and financial advice.